Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Want to get mermaid looking Rapunzel hair? Then you have stopped at the right spot for some great tips to getting your grow longer and faster! We all have different hair types and we come from different genes and it can be practically impossible for all of us to follow few tips and get hair just as great as Rapunzel but still I could assure that these tips can do miracles on your hair helping it look a hundred times healthier than it already is. The main thing you need to know when dealing with hair growth intensions is that, hair wont and can’t grow overnight like in those fairy tales. It takes time and persistent treatment to get to a good stage as per your expectations.

Just because someone recommends Tsubaki products or dove products, you can’t use it for a month and expect massive changes. In practical terms, different solutions can work well on one person and not work the same for another, simply because we have different hair types and texture that may need specific solutions. I will give you few things that I followed for better hair growth and worked well on me but none of these methods worked within a fortnight. I could make the read much more interesting by saying results in less than 7 days or 2 weeks but I’d be very honest about the results, they won’t work that fast unless you mix in your routine with omega fish oil capsules and biotin rich food.Use good products

It’s best if you can stick to products like Tsubaki shampoo or any good product that you think works well for you. A good shampoo and conditioner is what you will be using every time you wash your hair and if it doesn’t do good on to your scalp, hair roots or hair in general, then avoid using it at any cost. You can use vegetable oil enriched soap made for hair as well as people in Dubai tend to talk a lot of good results of it.

Oil your hair

With each wash you do, your natural hair oil washes off; you need to restore that by using good oils like coconut oil, castor oil or mustard oil to help your scalp absorb the goodness and nourish those hair follicles. If your hair root, is not healthy then it won’t promote hair growth. No matter what you put on from the outside, the root in which hair is held must be kept healthy.

Regular trimming

Cutting your hair a lot everyday will only shorten your hair but trimming your split ends and edges once a month can help your hair stay healthy. Split ends will only root along the way making your hair growth stop but if you cut them out frequently, it will help the hair stay fresh.

These are some of the ways to make your hair grow faster and longer, there can be many other tips but these are the ones that I used and saw amazing results with.