Camp Like A Pro

Just the thought of those aromatic clouds of smoke around a campground is enough to make one want to drop everything and go into the wild. There is something that happens when the food is cooked outdoors in the open; surrounded by trees and under an open sky. Maybe the rich earthiness and the smokiness of the charring wood seeps into the meals and somehow make it taste much much better than an ordinary meal. You do not need to go on an entire shopping spree to prepare for a camping trip; you just need to make sure that you are properly equipped with practical items and options so it will make everything easier.


Oatmeal is a wonderful and a filling option. Pick a quick cook or instant brand. You can either opt for granola as well. Fruits like bananas, apples, berries and peaches are not only for the mornings but a refreshing snack too. Bread is a great choice for any meal. One cannot simply forget their caffeine fix, so be sure to bring your coffee/ espresso/ latte mix along. And if not tea bags. And do not leave the sugar behind! You can also go with a lighter breakfast. Something like low fat instant soup can give you a boost of energy without being too hard on your gut.


 If you have not already included bread, you can go for some bread-rolls or burger buns. Cured meat is a quick and a delicious choice to have in hand and you can go for salami, prosciutto, ham, roasted turkey, deli meat, and rotisserie chicken or even canned tuna fish. You will have so many options for sandwiches. Cheese is always a nice addition to almost anything; either on bread, in your noodles or just as it is. Havarti lasts quite longer in the cooler. Having a bit of butter will give you many uses too.


This usually is the much anticipated barbeque time so prepare yourself for that. While buying steak, go for boneless cuts that will make it much easier and less time consuming to cook. They will be cooked evenly on a makeshift fire. Cut the chicken into smaller pieces as it will speed up the grilling time. Prepackaged sausages, bratwurst and ground meat are good additions as well. You can bring along rice, thinner versions of spaghetti or wholegrain instant noodles UK or even couscous as they need minimum preparation time. If you decide to bring veggies; go for sturdier ones such as Roma tomatoes, zucchini, onion, bell peppers, garlic and small potatoes.


Well, we can’t miss this. Apart from your preferred choice of “adult” beverages; pack enough fresh water bottles, a few cans of energy drinks, some juice containers in the cooler and some sodas to beat the thirst away.

What You Need To Feel Homely At A New Place?

If you are traveling to a new country for work, the first feeling that hits you is a sense of alienation. If the country and its culture and traditions are unknown to you, it would make you feel alienated. Most people who come to a new country to work as expats are usually away from their family members and friends and land in a work and social environment that is alien to them.

Finding the best accommodation options

Most expats, who travel to a new country, usually find people of their country of origin to associate with. This might be possible when one is employed with the same company and can look forward to meeting fellow expats at the new business address. It would be wise to look up someone known in the new place who can guide one on the right accommodation choice. Many expats usually find long term service apartments in Singapore in the residential city and can help fellow expats to find similar accommodation.

The right choice of wholly done housing

Though a city might offer serviced apartments in different places, it would be wise to keep certain factors in mind when one is deciding on the right address to take up. It should be ideally located near one’s place of work; there are affordable service apartments to look up in different parts of a large city; by short listing the properties around one’s work address will make it easy for one to go to and from one’s place of work. The other aspect to consider is the facilities that an apartment complex provides; many offer several conveniences such as laundry and other modern facilities like customer support, maintenance staff availability, parking space and so forth.

Find the right people and environment

It would be ideal to stay at a service apartment where expats from your country of origin are also staying; that will help you get a sense of familiarity. Many expat communities have a multicultural environment as people from different countries stay here, all having come with the common purpose of working in a foreign country or having relocated here for work purposes. In order to seek out such expat communities or complexes, one could search through online forums. Many forums have discussion threads where people talk about such communities or accommodation facilities. One can get useful information from such forms in order to know what to expect in such places as well as make the most of their visit or working experience in a foreign country.

Ways To Wellbeing For The Elderly

With rising population of the elderly world over, it has become necessary that some steps be taken in order to improve their lifestyles so as to make sur that they lead a healthy lifestyle and to ensure that the disease burden on this age group population does not increase and become somewhat of a crisis. and for this to happen we must make sure that certain measure are put into place and the elderly population are well aware of what these measures are.

Connect with people

Help the older person to find ways to be in contact with other people, helping them to avoid social isolation and loneliness. And this is where socialization becomes very critical. Especially with people in your age group, people who can relate to you and what you have to say. And maybe this is the reason that some elderly people prefer to be living in elderly home care, because this aspect of socialization is fulfilled. Evidence shows that we need both depth and breadth in our relationships for optimum health at any age.

Being active is critical

Encourage physical activity that is enjoyable. Incorporate exercise into daily routines as much as possible. A slow walk to the toilet is better than a commode by the bedside. Exercise and home therapy services facilitates the achievement of the other ways to wellbeing and increases the likelihood of successful self-care, as well as being of key importance for maintaining and improving the health of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

Taking notice is of utmost importance

Facilitate the older person’s interest in current affairs and local news, as well as their immediate surroundings. Meditation and/or relaxation techniques to manage anxiety are of value at any age and help people to live in the present moment rather than being disabled by past fears and worries or anxiety about the future. They can be taught in hospital by occupational therapists/physiotherapists, psychologists and some specialist nurses and physicians, and education can be maintained on discharge by community resources.

Keep learning something

Encourage the older person to try something new. There is accumulating evidence that continuing to learn new skills or maintain learning in established interests is good for mental health, possibly slows cognitive decline and helps with symptom control (distraction).

Feel good about yourself

Doing things for others is rewarding. Encourage the older person to see themselves as worthwhile, valuable contributors in their own communities, however small that might be. Evidence shows that altruism is good for mental health and the palliative care literature demonstrates that even the very ill welcome opportunities to be involved in work that helps others.

How To Buy The Best Pork

Imagine going to the supermarket and standing in the meat aisle, you look through all the options of pork and chose the one you want. Have you ever wondered how that piece of meat ended up in that aisle of meat? If you haven’t thought about it, it is about time you did think about. Animal cruelty, unfortunately, still does exist in the farming industry. Some of the farms are so disgusting, that they have to inject their animals with various antibiotics, steroids and other forms of medicine just to get the meat to the market to be sold. Fortunately, with the implementation of laws and regulations, the quality of the meat, as well as the safety of the meat and the deliciousness of them are all being taken care of. These laws are being heavily followed in the countries in and around Europe and the European Union. With this implementation, there are not different standards of meat to be selected from. Four standards to be precise. This article will be discussing these standards below. So, keep reading on.

The First Choice

The first choice of pork is always the best kind of pork. If you are thinking where to buy European pork, the best and the safest place would be from your local farm or your local farmer. The advantages of buying meat from your local farm is that you have a direct vision of how the animals are being treated, if they are treated bad, you should not buy the meat, but if they are treated with care, you should probably purchase them and offer a tip. In the case of pork, you could buy the whole pig or half of it for a relatively less expensive price that what you would find in the market. You could also get the meat cut the way you want it to be cut.

The Second Choice

The second choice is not from your local farmer, since obviously, everybody could not buy directly from the farm. It is purchased in the market, but the point of notice is that the meat is pork that is Animal Welfare Approved. The European trusted pork farms that follow the regulations passed by these organisations must follow certain rules. Which are; the pigs must be fed a nutritious diet, prohibited from the use of antibiotics, hormone injections and other forms of medicine, have appropriate shelters for resting and moving about, be free to behave naturally. The meat from these farms may be good, but not as good as the first choice

The Worst Choice

The worst kind of pork you should never promote is the pork that is produced in factory farms. The animals in these farms are raised in the worst possible conditions where they are bacteria infested, pollute the local water systems, fed with corn and soy which are both not a part of a pig’s regular diet and are injected with various antibiotics, steroids and growth enhancement drugs. These are the worst kinds of farms and are not to be encouraged at any cost.

These are the standards that the pork industry runs in. It is always best to select the first or the second choice of pork and never to encourage pork from factory farms for any reason whatsoever.

The Pork Belly Tradition

Traditions are interesting and can include various aspects such as food, dance, and medicines to name a few. Traditional food and recopies are some of the tastiest and sought after in some countries. There are even festivities or great events hosted in the honour of such traditional foods. Pork is one such meat item that has its own traditional recipes from world over.  No doubt it is the most consumed meat item globally.

Delicious cuts

When talking about this tradition and this delicious meat, a name that comes to mind is “pork belly”. It is a cut taken from the boneless meaty part of the pig. This particular cut is sought after in many dishes from household recipes to big time celebrity chef recipes. For an example pork belly dishes are traditional delicacies in countries such as China, Korea, Italy, France, England & Holland to name a few. There are also trends that are developing surrounding this particular dish indicating its level of demand. In Korea for example there is a dish called “palsaek samgyeopsal” which means “rainbow pork”. It gets this name because of the different colours the dish has. The colours are achieved by the eight different flavours used.  The dish is made by taking large fresh pork in Taiwan cuts, cutting them in to smaller pieces and using different marinades for each, such as garlic, soya bean sauce, ginseng to name a few. They are usually served with an edible leaf or a salad.

Another tradition is “Hollandse speklappen” which is Dutch pork belly made to a traditional recipe. The Dutch are another group of people who are famous for their recipes. Like other countries they too have different cuts that are famous. For example; back fat for bacon, meat from the head to make head cheese, quality belly meat for traditional recipes and shoulder cuts to name a few. This particular belly dish has a unique and refined taste and many people who travel there are informed not to miss out on tasting it. This finesse in taste is achieved by the sauce and garlic that is used quite generously. The sauce is actually a traditional Indonesian recipe called “kejap manis” which is a form of soy sauce. But how is the Indonesian version different? This version is sweeter while normal soy sauce is saltier. To make this dish, one has to first get cuts of the belly and marinade it in salt pepper and garlic. Then it is fried until very crisp without adding any oil or butter. The next step is the sauce, which is applied generously with water to make rich tasty gravy. Once thick and ready it is served with potatoes and fresh greens. 

So if it a pork belly you are craving, trying out one of these recipes are sure to tickle your taste buds.