Camp Like A Pro

Just the thought of those aromatic clouds of smoke around a campground is enough to make one want to drop everything and go into the wild. There is something that happens when the food is cooked outdoors in the open; surrounded by trees and under an open sky. Maybe the rich earthiness and the smokiness of the charring wood seeps into the meals and somehow make it taste much much better than an ordinary meal. You do not need to go on an entire shopping spree to prepare for a camping trip; you just need to make sure that you are properly equipped with practical items and options so it will make everything easier.


Oatmeal is a wonderful and a filling option. Pick a quick cook or instant brand. You can either opt for granola as well. Fruits like bananas, apples, berries and peaches are not only for the mornings but a refreshing snack too. Bread is a great choice for any meal. One cannot simply forget their caffeine fix, so be sure to bring your coffee/ espresso/ latte mix along. And if not tea bags. And do not leave the sugar behind! You can also go with a lighter breakfast. Something like low fat instant soup can give you a boost of energy without being too hard on your gut.


 If you have not already included bread, you can go for some bread-rolls or burger buns. Cured meat is a quick and a delicious choice to have in hand and you can go for salami, prosciutto, ham, roasted turkey, deli meat, and rotisserie chicken or even canned tuna fish. You will have so many options for sandwiches. Cheese is always a nice addition to almost anything; either on bread, in your noodles or just as it is. Havarti lasts quite longer in the cooler. Having a bit of butter will give you many uses too.


This usually is the much anticipated barbeque time so prepare yourself for that. While buying steak, go for boneless cuts that will make it much easier and less time consuming to cook. They will be cooked evenly on a makeshift fire. Cut the chicken into smaller pieces as it will speed up the grilling time. Prepackaged sausages, bratwurst and ground meat are good additions as well. You can bring along rice, thinner versions of spaghetti or wholegrain instant noodles UK or even couscous as they need minimum preparation time. If you decide to bring veggies; go for sturdier ones such as Roma tomatoes, zucchini, onion, bell peppers, garlic and small potatoes.


Well, we can’t miss this. Apart from your preferred choice of “adult” beverages; pack enough fresh water bottles, a few cans of energy drinks, some juice containers in the cooler and some sodas to beat the thirst away.