How To Buy The Best Pork

Imagine going to the supermarket and standing in the meat aisle, you look through all the options of pork and chose the one you want. Have you ever wondered how that piece of meat ended up in that aisle of meat? If you haven’t thought about it, it is about time you did think about. Animal cruelty, unfortunately, still does exist in the farming industry. Some of the farms are so disgusting, that they have to inject their animals with various antibiotics, steroids and other forms of medicine just to get the meat to the market to be sold. Fortunately, with the implementation of laws and regulations, the quality of the meat, as well as the safety of the meat and the deliciousness of them are all being taken care of. These laws are being heavily followed in the countries in and around Europe and the European Union. With this implementation, there are not different standards of meat to be selected from. Four standards to be precise. This article will be discussing these standards below. So, keep reading on.

The First Choice

The first choice of pork is always the best kind of pork. If you are thinking where to buy European pork, the best and the safest place would be from your local farm or your local farmer. The advantages of buying meat from your local farm is that you have a direct vision of how the animals are being treated, if they are treated bad, you should not buy the meat, but if they are treated with care, you should probably purchase them and offer a tip. In the case of pork, you could buy the whole pig or half of it for a relatively less expensive price that what you would find in the market. You could also get the meat cut the way you want it to be cut.

The Second Choice

The second choice is not from your local farmer, since obviously, everybody could not buy directly from the farm. It is purchased in the market, but the point of notice is that the meat is pork that is Animal Welfare Approved. The European trusted pork farms that follow the regulations passed by these organisations must follow certain rules. Which are; the pigs must be fed a nutritious diet, prohibited from the use of antibiotics, hormone injections and other forms of medicine, have appropriate shelters for resting and moving about, be free to behave naturally. The meat from these farms may be good, but not as good as the first choice

The Worst Choice

The worst kind of pork you should never promote is the pork that is produced in factory farms. The animals in these farms are raised in the worst possible conditions where they are bacteria infested, pollute the local water systems, fed with corn and soy which are both not a part of a pig’s regular diet and are injected with various antibiotics, steroids and growth enhancement drugs. These are the worst kinds of farms and are not to be encouraged at any cost.

These are the standards that the pork industry runs in. It is always best to select the first or the second choice of pork and never to encourage pork from factory farms for any reason whatsoever.