How To Cheer Up A Friend After A Breakup

Leaving heartbreak hotel is never easy but if you thought that cheering yourself up and trying to recover from a breakup was hard you should wait until one of your close friends is experiencing what you have experienced. At that moment many individuals would feel powerless because they would not know how to help their friends when they are in pain. It’s true watching a friend after a breakup is hard but we’re here to say that all is not lost because there are ways in which one can effectively cheer up their broken- hearted friend. If you are unaware of these methods then continue to read on because the following article will proceed to explore them in great detail.


This may seem very cliché but it is very effective because it would provide a significant amount of support to your friend to know that you will be there for her to call at any time of the day just to talk or to cry at or to even make requests like wanting them to purchase a particular shampoo because they are unable to leave their house.  Therefore, make sure the friend understands that she can call you at any time for any reason and that you would be there for her.

Keep Moving Forward

It’s true that this relationship did not work out but let her know that this is no reason to lose hope. Instead, purchase her several self help books Singapore which would enlighten her to look for what she wants in a relationship, to figure out the mistakes she made or both of them made in order for her to achieve a more fulfilling relationship next time. But, also make her understand that every relationship has flaws and no matter how things may be one should always remember to keep moving forward instead of losing hope.

Spend Time With Her

We understand that you may be preoccupied with work and family commitments but try to make the time to visit your friend, to take her out to watch a comedy film or to even have a girl’s night in watching movies and painting each other’s nails whilst consuming enough and more wine and chocolate. Furthermore, if your friend is wallowing in misery at home then plan a day trip to go and visit that restaurant you have always been meaning to try out or to go to that shopping mall to have that shopping spree you two never seem to have time for.

Ultimately, one should not attempt to ply her with advice or tell her that she’s better off instead try to be there for her, be a shoulder for her to cry on and a force that would motivate her to get out of her pajamas and be productive.